Brazen Waffle House Thieves Stole Only a Single Menu - Eater

posted on 19 Aug 2015 21:20 by reminiscentterm90
Additionally on the list is a manwho robbed Subway in Chicago as well as was then found consuming a sandwich at a competing restaurant straight throughout the road.

Waffle Residence staff members, that called the cops soon after the thieves walked in, report that the only thing that was stolen was a menu. Their peers include the 3 thieveswho took a 10-pound dish of macaroni salad and also left a "constant trail of macaroni salad" behind as they got away, which lead the police to their concealing place. The 2 burglars jumped in a trip car driven by a third person and "had the ability to run away the location prior to policemans showed up." No person has been detained yet.

2 guys underwent the trouble of robbing a Waffle Residence early today, but failed stunningly. Often stories of criminal activities at the chain are dark andinvolve extreme violence, but this errs behind comedy.According to WHIO, the unnamed males strolled right into a Waffle Home in Ohio at around 4 a.m. Tuesday early morning as well as "presented a pistol." However, the duo promptly left the establishment with no money. Why bring a weapon when you're only visiting steal a menu?

Both guys now have areas on The u.s.a's long list of dumb food lawbreakers. Merely a particular menu, not also one for every thief